The tension screw


Adjusting the tension screw

how to adjust louvre tension

Overly stiff or indeed, loose or dropping louvre blades, can unfortunately happen after using your shutters for a while.  This is not a fault at all but can happen after repeated use.  Fortunately, it is simple to correct and can be done by you - a callout is not needed.  

When you open a panel, you’ll see either one or two small access hole in the stile, this is where you loosen or tighten the louvre action.


  1.  Open the panel

  2. Open the louvres completely

  3. If there is a plastic screw cover over the hole, remove it and replace it later

  4. You’ll now see adjustment holes in the side of the panel - known as 'the stile'

  5. Hold the louvre steady in the section where the hole is, with one hand

  6. Pop a small Phillips screwdriver in the hole with the other hand and locate the screw

  7. Give a half turn on the screwdriver continuing to hold the louvre firmly – don’t overtighten or be tempted to do more than a half turn at a time

  8. Repeat on the other side of the panel if you need to - usually adjusting from one side is enough.

If the tension screw just keeps turning in the hole without ‘biting’, it could mean that the screw thread is not catching and the screw needs to be replaced. Again, this is simple to do.  Use a slightly longer and thicker screw than the original, remove the spring and washer from the original and use on the new screw.  Gently screw it into position, BE GENTLE so that you don't split the louvre blade.