why buy shutters . . . 

Investment & Kerb Appeal

Because shutters are such a highly regarded and desirable window dressing, you should consider them a sound investment.


They can disguise unsightly uPVC windows and because they are a permanent fixture, they could help to make your home easier to sell or even help to increase the potential price of your property.


Privacy & Security

If you are close to the road or overlooked in any way, shutters can give a degree of privacy that will surprise and delight you.    


Tier on Tier, Cafe Style and full height with a mid rail or split opening style, all allow you to let the light in your property but with increased privacy levels making your living space, yours.

white shutter blinds

Insulation & Comfort

When the panels and louvres are closed, shutters will add a sound barrier - they won't cut all sound but they can reduce noise volume and they also reduce light by about 85% making getting off and staying asleep, easier.  


Your shutters form a barrier that helps to insulate your room, keeping warmth in during the winter and at the same time, reducing the heat of summer. 

contemporary window shutters

UV Protection & Light Control

The louvres of your shutters can be angled to control how much light comes into a room, reducing harmful UV rays, protecting furniture and flooring.  


When you want to let the light in, they can simply and easily be fully opened to allow a clear view through the window.

full height french shutters