tier on tier . . .

Tier on Tier look superb in taller and traditional sash windows and particularly when multiple rather than wider panels are used as less space is taken up in the room when they are folded back.  In our opinion, they don't suit windows that are wider than they are high as they have a solid section where the panels meet, that can measure up to 220mm high.  

To ensure that they close correctly and that there are little or no light lines where the panels meet, we include a fixed horizontal bar known as a T Post, between the top and bottom layers.  With 63, 76 and 89mm as well as 47mm louvres available, there is plenty to choose from.


As with all of our other shutter styles, we give you the option of a visible tilt control or, at no extra cost, hidden controls. 

Tier on Tier is a particularly elegant and sophisticated style option when used on the right type of window.  

Suitable for:

  • Taller rectangular windows

  • Bay windows of most types


Tier on Tier bi-fold shutters
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Tier on Tier in a bay with multiple panels
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Tier on Tier with hidden tilt rods
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Bi-Fold Tier on Tier shutters
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