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Why you should choose plantation shutters

Plantation shutters have become one of the biggest interior style trends of the decade for both new and older homes and this looks likely to continue for years to come.

Like the lovely terraced homes of the Victorian or Edwardian era, many of the new homes being built today have very small front gardens and in fact, some sit almost on the pavement. This means reduced privacy for the owners which Plantation Shutters can reverse easily and at surprisingly low cost. Not only do they provide sought after privacy, but superb light control too. Shutters are an elegant solution that fit well in new builds but equally, with older homes that feature bay or sash windows as well as larger, flat ones to give a light, spacious and airy feel.

Patio doors with bi-fold shutters

Here are some of the best reasons why you should choose plantation shutters for your windows,


Plantation shutters have dozens of design options including slat size, overall colour, hinge colour and whether you have a visible or hidden, tilt control mechanism and even how the panels fold back. This all means that your shutters are truly yours and can be designed suit any style of home. They allow you to control your privacy levels and to filter the light through to your rooms perfectly, reducing UV damage to your flooring and furnishings as well as looking good both inside and out.

A Victorian bay with split opening shutters

One of the best things about window shutters is their adaptability; they perfectly suit properties of any style from period to modern. From sash windows in Edwardian and Victorian homes to bay windows of the 1940’s and 50’s to the modern casements of today.

Plantation shutters have far greater kerb appeal than blinds, and are much less fussy than curtains, they may cost a little more, but they will last longer and don’t ever need to be taken down to wash or have dry cleaned!


Shutters are very practical, they require very little or no maintenance once installed. They are usually fitted inside or on the edge of the recess which means they are not obstructive and make the room feel more spacious and uncluttered. Additionally, plantation shutters do not have any cords, this means they are totally child safe and a perfect choice for your living areas as well as a child’s bedroom.


We can incorporate split opening slats in a number of ways for you, this allows the top and bottom halves of plantation shutters to work independently of each other. This zero

A 1950's home with a six panel bay

cost option gives you flexibility and complete control over how much light and sunlight is being filtered into your room. This helps you to get the best of both worlds year round, in the Summer your plantation blinds can really help to provide protection against the sun’s harsh glare, and in the winter, you can allow more sunlight to be filtered into your room to help to brighten up the space. When closed, they increase your security and as a bonus, can help to reduce heat loss.


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