Paulownia - the ecological and economical shutter of choice

Paulownia is sourced from sustainable plantations and is a very fast growing tree which can be harvested every 7 or so years. It is able to regenerate from the existing roots which are left undamaged and this regrowth can occur many times. This makes it the most ecologically sound material to make shutters from, it is 100% FSC certified of course.

Paulownia wood shutters at a 1070's picture window

Paulownia Wood is a beautiful warp-resistant, fine-grained knot free wood, it is light in both weight and colour making it perfect for shutters and gives a wonderful, natural finish that will last for many years.

The buzzard shutters made from Paulownia range, are our Milan shutters, they are ideal for all windows, including full height, café style, bi-fold doors and tier-on-tier.

Paulownia Low Thermal Conductivity

Paulownia has excellent insulation properties, it has a low thermal conductivity level that will keep out the winter cold as well as the summer heat, helping to maintain the temperature in your home while increasing your comfort levels.

Shutters with the top and bottom parts closing independently

Milan: The Shutter Range Made From Paulownia

The Milan range of Paulownia Shutters are lightweight, making them suitable for large windows as well as small. Because they are light, Milan places far less stress on the hinges, this means Paulownia shutters put less strain on the hinges with the shutters looking good for longer.

The linear grain of the Paulownia Wood Shutters has a uniform, premium finish and is ideal for painting. We offer Milan in a range of popular standard colours and can also match a specific colour for you at extra cost.


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