how to adjust hinges


Shutter panels open and close using hinges, the taller the panel, the more hinges there will be. 


Hinge screws  . . .  

  1. Each hinge half is held in place with three screws, it's possible (but not probable) that these become loose over time.  Using a cross head screwdriver, please check that all of the screws are fully tightened from time to time - the more often you open the panels, the more frequently you'll need to do this.  We recommend and annual check.


Each panel can be adjusted fairly easily by adjusting the hinges for alignment  . . .  

  1. Remove the centre screw from each hinge on the frame - these 'lock' the hinge into position once the adjustments are made

  2. The top and bottom holes are oval, loosen but do not remove, the screws in these holes.  This allows vertical movement of the panel

  3. Replace the lock screw after panel alignment and tightening the top and bottom screws


If you need to amend how the shutters close . . . ​

  1. Adjust the hinge half on the frame rather than the panel, first

  2. Adjust the hinge half on the panel if you need more adjustment

  3. Pack out the hinge half with a small piece of thin card 

  4. Packing the top hinges out will move the bottom in

  5. Packing the bottom hinges out will move the top in


We advise that you make only one adjustment at a time as reversing what you've done, is much simpler then if you need to.  Make the alteration, check that you are happy and then, make another adjustment if you feel this is required.

Adjusting the vertical alignment

Adjust the close - note the packer behind the hinge