how to fit cover strips

Some shutter frames have a cover strip to the front or side or on some types of frames, both.  The strips are held in place using double sided adhesive tape.   Sometimes, the strips can come loose and pop out of place, this is not a manufacturing fault and is not part of your shutter guarantee.   Fortunately, it is simple to correct and can be done by you - a chargeable callout is not needed.  

There are several ways to fix the cover strip back into position.


  1.  Gently remove the whole strip by pulling with one hand while sliding the other, up behind the strip - be careful not to snap it

  2. If the adhesive tape is loose, remove as much of it as you can

  3. Put a new strip of double sided adhesive tape on the back of the strip and trim it to shape and size

  4. Fit the cover strip back into position and press it firmly into the channel


Alternatively​, instead of using double sided tape use a bead of super glue, this is a more permanent fix but makes it more difficult to remove the strip without damaging it in the future, should you need to.


The cover strip


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