Rome & Urban Rome

Delivered in just four weeks

Italian inspired design. Made in Great Britain

Rome is our UK made composite shutter, they are suitable for all of your rooms including bathrooms and kitchens and are available in Full Height, Café Style and Tier on Tier styles.  They are made from a solid composite and carry a ten year guarantee.


Hand made in the UK by a fully trained and highly skilled dedicated team of craftsmen, Rome & Urban Rome are delivered in less than four weeks rather than three to four months for most shutters.  These are high quality bespoke composite shutters that will retain their good looks for years to come, quite simply, they are stunning, strong and totally desirable    


Manufactured for buzzard shutters in our two most popular colours of pure white and soft white with co-ordinating painted hinges, you can change these at no extra cost, to rust proof stainless steel.  Offered with either hidden or visible tilt controls in 63, 76 and 89mm louvres, you can also select, again at no extra cost, our exclusive 89mm Urban louvre.  This  gives a more contemporary, flatter finish that is easier to clean, has better insulation properties than standard shutters and keeps more light out when closed.  


Rome, the stunning British made composite shutters and Urban Rome, the traditional shutter updated.  Rome, Italian by design and made in the UK, this shutter oozes quality, style and desirability from every pore.  Delivered in four weeks, or less.  Simply brilliant! 

63, 76, 89 & 89mm Urban louvres  . . .

Urban Louvres . . .


Traditionally the louvres or blades, in shutters are elliptical in shape - they are thicker in the centre than at the edges a bit like an aircraft wing.  When they close, one each louvre rests on the one above, this leaves very small gaps that light can filter through.

Urban louvres have a square or flat profile rather than a rounded one, they sit neatly on each other forming a tighter close without gaps.  This significantly reduces how much light can filter in and how much heat you lose - they are better insulators and much better if you need a darker bedroom. 

A better more modern take on shutters, at no extra cost.  Rome is available in 63, 76 and 89mm louvres while Urban Rome comes in our 89mm width.  The exclusive shutter, exclusively available from buzzard shutters

Visible or hidden tilt controls . . .

Colours & Hinges . . 

       Pure White                         Soft White

       Pure White                                                   Soft White                                                 Stainless Steel

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