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The type of windows you have will normally determine the frame that needs to be used for your installation.  


Inward opening windows need different frames to outwards opening styles and Sash windows have their own unique frame needs.  The size of your window handles and the depth of your recess are also important factors that need to be considered. 


There are two basic frame options, the 'L' frame and the 'Z' frame. 


Inside Mount with an 'L' Frame

Using an Inside Mount means that your shutters can be fitted anywhere inside the window recess or reveal.  When the panels are opened, they will be at right angles (90 degrees) and cannot be turned flat against the wall.

Outside Mount with an 'L' Frame

If your windows open inwards, the frames will need to be fitted to the outside of the window reveal.  This will allow the windows to open properly and you will be able to open the shutters flat against the wall if you want to.

Edge Mount with a 'Z' Frame

If your windows are out of square - and most are -  the 'Z' frame fitted to the edge is the perfect way to disguise it.  The frame wraps around the edge of the reveal with a neat architrave effect allowing the shutter panels to be opened flat to the wall.

Sash Window Mount with a 'L' Frame

Shutters for Sash Windows are nearly always fitted between the decorative architrave that surrounds the window.  Be aware that as there will be a very shallow, or perhaps no window sill at all, extra care will be needed when fitting.


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