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Dynamic pregnancy self-management

How do you self-manage your pregnancy with our ‘info, task, and caution cards’?

Keeping up with all the crucial information and various to-dos during pregnancy can be overwhelming. The FetoLife health app helps you navigate you through your prenatal care by bringing only critical information to light for your individual situation. Our dynamic content management system screens all pertinent issues for the respective doctor's visits and provides essential background knowledge. Together with our intelligent pregnancy health assistant, Fetolife prepares you with customized questions for each prenatal checkup that you can discuss with your caregiver.

How do you self-manage your pregnancy with our ‘smart care calendar’?

Having perfectly organized time management not only facilitates life but also really makes pregnancy care so much easier. Our dynamic prenatal checkup calendar tool combines your personalized care plan with the medically required number of prenatal examinations. Together with our advanced pregnancy risk assessment, FetoLife indicates the need for standard or special care for which you can adjust your individual prenatal checkup calendar.

How do you self-manage your pregnancy with our ‘dynamic medical care checklist’?

Keeping all relevant aspects of pregnancy in mind is a challenging task. Our dynamic care checklist replaces the traditional checklist and considers all medical treatments for you. Based on our advanced risk assessment, FetoLife automatically adds or removes medical items from the user’s dynamic checklist. This allows you to easily check which treatments are required and helps you better manage your prenatal care by yourself.

Intelligent pregnancy health assistant

How do we implement ‘continuous remote health tracking’?

To have the full picture, FetoLife is compatible with many digital health tracking devices and integrates data from all kinds of sources like Apple Health and Google Fit. By this, continuous tracking of all relevant metrics (i.e., blood pressure, glucose, weight, fetal activity) is enabled at a maximum level of convenience.  Your health data is visualized in a personalized medical chart allowing you to interpret your personal data rapidly. If a health metric reaches a critical level, the user is immediately alerted and supported with individual medical advice by our intelligent pregnancy health assistant.

How do we provide ‘personalized health data management’ into our solution?

To know what's really important, FetoLife eliminates the noise around pregnancy care management. In response to each woman's personal health data, our intelligent assistant asks tailored questions and provides patient-specific instructions. Moreover, if needed, it switches to a respective pregnancy care mode depending on the individual user's risks and medical condition.

Advanced pregnancy risk assessment

How does our ‘contextual health status survey’ help you?

FetoLife’s one-stop care solution is created to deeply understand your health state in a holistic way. We collect maternal and fetal health data and conceptualize a full medical profile of the individual health status and potential pregnancy risk factors.  We know we can only be as good as the user's information allows. That's why, in addition to the monitored metrics, we take your individual input into account, allowing you to sit in the driver's seat. 

How does our ‘advanced pregnancy risk assessment’ help you?

FetoLife’s unique risk assessment algorithms are created to precisely analyze your health data and detect potential pregnancy risks and critical health status constellations early on in real-time.  We maximize the pregnancy risk evaluation's accuracy by screening the rising health information input to recognize specific risk patterns that indicate caution or the need for immediate prenatal care. 

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