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Our CLIC bead-fit system’s ultra slim design has been developed to fit perfectly onto almost any double-glazed window and is particularly suitable in locations that are normally very difficult window types such as bi-fold doors, patio doors, tilt-and-turn or tilt and slide windows - but of course, they will also look amazing in any window in your home, including when used as as conservatory blinds! 


CLIC is a revolutionary blind . . . 

  • Fitted without screws or drilling

  • There are no control cords which makes them completely child safe

  • Easy to operate by simply lifting and raising the blind with the inbuilt tab.


Suitable for French doors, patio doors, bi-fold doors as well as tilt and turn windows, tilt and slide windows  or standard double glazed windows.  They can all be fitted with CLIC.  Suitable for every room in the house including kitchen blinds, bathroom blinds, en-suite blinds,  pool room blinds or many others.


Select from 25mm aluminium venetian,  pleated fabric or honeycomb fabric - including semi translucent, dim out or full blackout options. 

We can measure and fit them for you or, if you measure and fit yourself,  we'll pay the VAT on your order for you saving you 20%!   


No matter if you've decided to fit them yourself or would like us to fit for you, we'll visit you with colour samples for you to select from. 
Our showroom comes to you!

Take a look at our fitting guide video, below and, if you'd like some helpful measuring tips, download our free guide  

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clic & shutters

If you have shutters in your bedrooms, you'll know that they give you about 85 to 90% light reduction when fully closed.  In some sets of circumstances, even this very good level of light reduction isn't enough and, despite having a blackout option for shutters available, this is both expensive and doesn't look great either.  This means that the option is usually not taken up and as a result, too much light comes into the room.

CLIC, with it's ultra slim profile can be retro fitted close to the glass, using our Apollo Blackout fabric and shutters together, will give you a 97 to 99% reduction in light levels.  

This is perfect for night workers as well as shift workers, light sleepers, getting the baby to have a post lunch nap or if you suffer from migraines and need to lay down in a darkened room - there are lots of other reasons too where you need a dark room of course.


And the best part?   CLIC is really affordable! 

clic options

Our pleated fabric range, Leto, is the most affordable fabric we offer in the CLIC system, it is available in a choice of 15 colours including neutrals, pastels and vibrant shades, there’s sure to be a colour to match your décor.


Honeycomb fabrics are fast becoming the window covering of choice due to their unparalleled insulating characteristics.  With CLIC, our Apollo semi-transparent honeycomb fabrics offer a choice of 21 colours to select from.


The Apollo Blackout fabric range has 28 colours that encapsulate vibrancy alongside subtle tones.  High insulation levels are built in, and, if you are light sensitive, this range will bring very high levels of darkness to the room making it ideal for nurseries, shift workers bedrooms and for those restless sleepers who are light sensitive!


CLIC blinds are also available in the full 25mm Paradise aluminium venetian range of 120 colours.   Raised and lowered with a discrete handle rather than a cord and tilted with a twist rod, which can be placed on the left or right, CLIC venetians are a stunning option. 

That's 200 colours to select from and so, you can be sure that we will have a few you love!


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